C / C++ Resource
Hello fellow coders. In this section, I have compiled (pun intended) a collection of books, links, and other resources to help you prone your skills.

Black Art of Macintosh Game Programming C77722CDA
Code Complete C / Basic80733--C
Cutting Edge 3D Game Programming with C++ C++69114CDB+
Data Structures and Program Design in C C64712--B-
Foundations of Mac Programming C68216CDA
MacsBug Reference and Debugging Guide C / PPC Asm4229DiskB
Next Generation Magazine --------B
On To C++ C++29750--A-
OpenGL Programming for the X Window System C5237--B
PowerPC Microprocessor Developer's Guide PPC Asm3824--C
Practical Algorithms for Programmers C57010--B-
Programming Starter Kit for Macintosh C80021CDA
Sex, Lies, and Video Games C39412DiskB
Tricks of the Game Programming Gurus C71919CDB+
Tricks of the Mac Game Programming Gurus C84214CDA

Web Pages:
DevHQ: Mac Dev. HQ -- Tons of info and even news just for the Macintosh Developer. A-
Mac Demos HQ C(++) / PPC Asm The best Mac Demo resource site that I know of. A-
Mac Game Designer -- A future resource to get lots of stuff. The PR sounds really good. --
Mac Game Programming C / PPC Asm My favorite site covering tons of tricks you'd want to know for Macintosh game programming. A+
Power Toolbox C Lots of very nicely written functions that are better and easier than the Toolbox (ie line skipping movies). A

Resources / Code:
Anti-Aliasing C A fast but unoptimised partially functional anti-aliased line algorithm I made. C+
Bubble Sort C A fast sorting algorithm that can be used on the fly. A-
Fast Blit C One of George Warner's blitting routines for 8- to 8-bit copying. A+
Intel Assembly x86 Asm Notes for an Intel assembly presentation to the JHU ACM in Fall '97. B-
Mac-Games-Dev-List -- Technical discussions about authoring games for the Mac. A-
3d Programming C / x86 Asm Notes for a 3D graphics presentation to the JHU ACM in Fall '97 B+
Quick Sort C One of the fastest sorting algorhithms... I need to change the partition function to make it more optimised. B

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