Black Art of Macintosh Game Programming
Programming 3d Games in Macintosh C

Author: Kevin Tieskoetter
Publisher: Waite Group Press
Year: '96
ISBN: 1-57169-059-X
Pages: 777
Chapters: 22
Media: CD

Grade: A

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Black Art of Macintosh Programming is a must for all neophyte game programmers. It covers such starting topics as resources, handles, events, GWorlds, and other QuickDraw necessities. In addition to the required, it explains how to bypass all of these built in function too, providing the info to you to be able to write faster routines. The source code is all reusable for most cases and very well commented. Throughout the book, you create a Galaxian type 2d space shooter and later a 3d flight simulation.

Chapter 1 - Games and the Macintosh
Chapter 2 - Opening the Toolbox: Macintosh Programming Basics
Chapter 3 - More about the Toolbox
Chapter 4 - Mathematics of Art
Chapter 5 - Sprite Animation
Chapter 6 - Talking to the Computer
Chapter 7 - Listening to the Computer
Chapter 8 - Invaders!
Chapter 9 - Wireframe Graphics
Chapter 10 - Three-Dimensional Graphics
Chapter 11 - Polygon-Fill Graphics
Chapter 12 - Optimization
Chapter 13 - Accelerating and Bypassing QuickDraw
Chapter 14 - Optimizing Power Macintosh
Chapter 15 - Hidden Surface Removal
Chapter 16 - Polygon Clipping
Chapter 17 - Viewing the World
Chapter 18 - Three-Dimensional Mazes
Chapter 19 - Texture Mapping
Chapter 20 - Graphics in Flight
Chapter 21 - Game Marketing and Distribution
Chapter 22 - The Future of 3D Games
Appendix A - Recommended Reading

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